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The predecessor of the third hall of Southwest university library was Sichuan Husbandry and Veterinarian institute library which was constructed in 1960 originally, latter was changed the name as the southwest university library third hall after several merges. It begins to take shape, passed through the development and efforts in many years, kept the order well and supported the teaching and scientific researches to carry on smoothly. The hall existing area is 4,370 square meters now, the literature collections of paper achieves 400,000 volume, cover natural sciences, social sciences and so on. The key collection involves the each specialized majors opened in Rongchang, such as agriculture, biology, medicine books. At the meantime, we also built 69 Chinese and foreign languages databases with the First Hall, the Second Hall together, including the Uygur Pu Chinese science and technology periodical database, the Chinese science and technology periodical quotation database,the student electron books database, the upright apabi electron books database, the ultra star electron books database and so on. It approximately contains 4.06 million volume of digital literatures, any terminal in the school local area network might consults, has achieved sharing the electrons resources within the three halls, guaranteed to meet the demand of the information resources for our teachers and students. In recent years, we have had the large scale increase to the library investment, so the hall has got nearly 130 computers, 4 monitors, 3 servers, and 1 disk array with 2GB light channel , the entire SAN structure, the 12TB capacity . We have also got the independent library management network, linked with the campus network on 1000M, truly realized library resources network sharing and the digitized management. The hall is composed of three departments, two rooms and one center. They are: the literature resources department, the circulation department, reading department, the electronic reading room, the library office and the network management center. It undertakes the task of providing each kind of information service for the internal and external readers as well as the service of network and the intelligence broadcast system, which is the information center that is worthy of the reputation. At present, each person here is redoubling their efforts to enhance the quality and level of services, we have determined to make a bigger contribution for the teaching and the scientific research.

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